Adventure Medical Kits Escape Bivy

I am a big fan of the Adventure Medical Kits (AMK) bivvy bags. They previously offered two different models that offered a very lightweight and compact way to carry an emergency shelter. Now they are offering a third bivvy option – the Escape Bivvy.

The previous AMK bivvy bags were great at keeping moisture out. Unfortunately, they also kept moisture in that bag where the user might start to become damp with perspiration or chilled. The new Escape Bivy boasts similar small size and light weight to the AMK Thermal Bivvy but it is also breathable. It keeps external moisture out and allows internal moisture to leave the bivvy. This should be a huge boost to the overall function of the bivvy.

Initial reports on the Emergency Bivvy are so good that many ultralight hikers are using them as a minimalist sleeping bag. It is not designed to stand up to that type of sustained use over time but it does shows this bivvy’s potential in less frequent emergency use.

Check out the new Emergency Bivvy on AMK’s website.

One Response to Adventure Medical Kits Escape Bivy

  1. Charles Piotrowski April 20, 2012 at 19:33 #

    Sounds like a great much needed improvement.

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