Emerson Multi-Tool Renderings

One of my favorite knife makers, Emerson Knives, is collaborating with my favorite multi-tool maker, Multitasker Tools. The result is the upcoming Emerson Multi-tool and Emerson just released renderings of the new tool on their blog.

As you can see, the Emerson influence is strong in the Commander-like blade shape and the presence of the Emerson opener (wave). It is rare to find a multi-tool where the blade is the main attraction like it is with this tool.

Given the track record of both the companies involved in this tool, I suspect that it is going to be an awesome tool. You can see more pictures at the Emerson Knives Blog.


One Response to Emerson Multi-Tool Renderings

  1. Dan April 10, 2012 at 17:31 #

    Oh wow, that is awesome. I am definitely curious about this one. Should be pretty dang wild.

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