GEN123SC Grip Force Adapter

The newest Grip Force Adapter (GFA) has arrived! The new GEN123SC incorporates a couple of the custom modifications that users were doing by hand to their original GFAs. Grip Force Products took note and the result is the GEN123SC.

The GFA GEN123SC features a smooth beaver tail rather than the ridged one that is found on previous GFAs. Some shooters found the ridges on the original GFA to be irritating while shooting so they would remove them by hand. The GEN123SC is also shorter overall which makes it fit better on smaller than full-size Glocks like the G19.

The newest GFA is specifically designed for the Gen 1, 2, and 3 Glocks but it can also be fit to Gen 4 Glocks by installing it over the the medium backstrap. It can also be installed without a factory backstrap by placing it as usual and using RTV silicone as an adhesive.

The GEN123SC is available only as a package with either of the original GEN123 or GEN4 GFAs. Check out for more information.


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