Emberlit EL-Mini

I really enjoyed testing the Emberlit Camp Stove. It is one of the least bulky and most functional ways that I have found to cook food on the trail. Now the Emberlit Camp Stove is about to get even less bulky with the future introduction of the Emberlit Mini.

The Emberlit Mini will be a scaled down version of the titanium Emberlit UL Camp Stove. With the smaller size, comes some advantages and some trade-offs. One advantage is that the smaller stove will work better with steel water bottles and the steel cups that nest on Nalgene bottles. It will also weigh less than the larger stoves. However, it will take more work to keep the fire up and you might see some longer cook times due to the lower capacity.

The EL-Mini will also feature a new design feature that is somewhat like a lanyard loop. It allows all of the pieces of the stove to be joined together with cord or a small carabiner. This new lanyard hole requires that a small extension be added to the top of each section of the stove which means that even though the opening in the top of the EL-Mini is smaller, the overall size at the top is about the same as the larger models. It will handle smaller cookware while still be very stable with larger cookware (the video below does a good job of showing this).

The new EL-Mini, or the full size stoves, would make a tremendous addition to a vehicle emergency kit or BOB. The Emberlit Mini Camp Stove will be available soon from Emberlit.com.

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