Ares Armor Plate Carrier Silencer

If you have a plate carrier (PC) with an exterior cummerbund, you know how loud the hook and loop flap can be when you taking the PC on and off. You almost need hearing protection to lift the flap. Thankfully, unlike firearm suppressors, a Plate Carrier Silencer is inexpensive and easily available from Ares Armor. While I have no day to day need to practice sound discipline, this does look like an easier, quicker way to don your plate carrier.

The Plate Carrier Silencer is a clever piece of gear that can be fit to just about any PC with a MOLLE external cummerbund that is secured with a hook and loop flap. It consists of 2 side release buckles and a wedge. Here is how it works… The wedge has the male buckles attached to it and you sandwich it under the flap that secures the cummerbund. The female side of the buckles are attached to the cummerbund via the MOLLE webbing.

Once everything is in place, you can now use the buckles to bypass the hook and loop. Instead of lifting the flap to don and doff the PC, you leave the flap secured on one side, slide the vest on or off, and use the side release buckles to open or close the cummerbund. It looks very simple. This is sold as a product designed to maintain sound discipline but it seems like it would make getting into your PC quicker and easier as well.

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3 Responses to Ares Armor Plate Carrier Silencer

  1. Rob Curtis March 7, 2012 at 23:52 #

    I don’t see how the sound of donning and doffing armor can be a tactical concern?

    I can see how cummerbund hook & loop can wear out over the course of a couple of deployments of use, though. I guess if this were used straight away on a new-ish rig it would serve to prolong the life of the cummerbund closure, but sound discipline? Are you worried about waking your squad when you come in from watch?

    • Matt March 8, 2012 at 00:02 #

      Rob, thanks for dropping in. I read GearScout religiously.

      I should have been more clear in the post, I have no pressing need to quiet my PC since the only action it sees is on the square range. I am looking at this as an ease of use item and speed of donning enhancement. It seems like it would make donning faster and easier – a set it and forget it feature. Some people, right or wrong, do have armor as part of their home defense plan and this seems like it may be a good fit for them.

  2. Rob Curtis March 8, 2012 at 11:23 #

    Ease of use makes sense, Matt.

    The use of hook & loop in the cummerbund goes back to durability and security, though. SR buckles can and do split after getting stepped on. Hook & loop wears out, though. So both have drawbacks.

    I’m watching my inbox for Dupont’s “elastic Kevlar” protect announcement. Should be here any year, now!

    Love the blog!

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