New Minuteman MKII Custom Configurations from UW Gear

UW Gear is making some changes to their Minuteman MKII Chest Rigs based on customer feedback, their own experiences, and drive to improve.

The base configuration of the Minuteman MKII has been changed from a 4 magazine set up, to a 3 magazine set up. This change obviously decreases the magazine capacity of the rig by one, but it makes the rig far more trim and compact. This is an especially welcome change for the AK version of the Minuteman MKII. The closer AK-47 mags are to your center line, the easier it is to manipulate the length and distinct curve of the magazines. More than anything else, this change is meant to increase comfort and better fit with the philosophy of simplicity that UW Gear preaches. The 4 mag version will still be available by request.

UW GEAR AK Minuteman MKII in PenCott Badlands

UW Gear is also allowing you to choose the final configuration of your chest rig based on your unique requirements. The amount of MOLLE webbing that is found on each side of the Minuteman MKII can be customized to fit your needs. You can choose 3, 2, or 0 columns of MOLLE webbing. If you need the slickest, trimmest, most compact chest rig that you can get, you can choose to have no MOLLE webbing at all. If you need the ability to mount a typical IFAK pouch, then the 3 column set up will work perfectly. If you just need the ability to mount a couple of compact pouches, then the 2 column rig is just what you need. These are the types of options that you can typically only find at a custom maker and are a big reason why I prefer to shop with smaller makers when I can.

Check out the AK Minuteman MKII and the AR Minuteman MKII on

Stay tuned for a full review of the Minuteman MKII Chest Rig.

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