Crosstac Pro Armorer Mat

Finding a clean, organized work surface when you are on the training range or out in the field can be a real challenge. Without suitable work surface, you run the risk of losing critical parts and efficiency while you try to get your firearm back up and running. Crosstac has a solution – the Pro Armorer Mat.

The Pro Armorer Mat is designed to work like a portable work bench. It can turn any surface, even the ground, into a useable workspace for firearm maintenance. The work surface is made from durable, non-slip ToughTek fabric. The corners have magnets on them so you can retain all of your small parts securely right on the  work surface and small pins and springs are prevented from rolling off the edges. The Pro Armorer Mat also features a zippered pouch and elastic loops for retaining small parts and tools.

The tethered Impact Pads are the most clever feature. One is made from leather and the other is hard plastic. This gives you something drive pins against even if you are working on a soft surface like the ground. The plates are tethered to the mat and can be stowed in a slip pocket when they are not in use.

You can fold the Pro Armorer Mat and secure it in the closed position with a Velcro strap when it is not in use. The exterior is Multicam nylon that is laminated to the ToughTek fabric.

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