Blue Force Gear D.A.P. Dappers

Some backpacks have so much internal organization that it can be difficult to carry larger items and other backpacks have so little internal organization that small items can not be easily accessed. Thankfully, Blue Force Gear has the D.A.P. (Denied Area Pattern) line of backpacks and organization pouches called Dappers. The D.A.P. line represents a completely customizable approach to organizing your gear.

The D.A.P. Dappers are pouches that are backed with hook side Velcro. They can be attached to any surface that is covered with loop side Velcro, like the interior of a D.A.P. pack or other packs that are Velcro lined. The Velcro attachment system allows pouches to be mounted anywhere inside the pack and in any orientation. The possibilities are nearly infinite. While other manufacturers offer Velcro backed pouches, no one comes close to having as complete a line of pouches and organizers.

All of the D.A.P. packs including backpacks of various sizes and discreet rifle cases are being discontinued for 2012 and will be redesigned eventually. This is actually a great time to check them out since they are being closed out on the Blue Force Gear Last Call page at steep discounts. While Blue Force Gear is discontinuing the packs, they will keep producing the Dappers for 2012. They will also be introducing products that will adapt the Dappers to just about any pack.

Blue Force Britteny recently posted this video that shows the versatility of the Dappers and the D.A.P. packs:

Be sure to check out the full line of D.A.P. Dappers and the discounted D.A.P. Packs on the Blue Force Gear webpage. Stay tuned to Jerking the Trigger for a full review of the Wall Street Warrior Dapper Kit!


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