New Targets from TacStrike

TacStrike makes some of the best and most innovative steel targets and target stands on the market. Their targets are designed to make you more efficient in your training and to take daily abuse. The folks at TacStrike are uniquely qualified to design such targets since they are firearm trainers themselves.

TacStrike’s flagship target, the 1/4 Scale Steel Target System, has been universally well received. Now, based on the success of the 1/4 Scale Steel Target System, they are producing the Full Size Steel Target System. As the name implies, it is a target system that features a full size silhouette rendered from AR500 steel. It also features the same great floating target mounting system as its little brother and a base that can also be used to support paper targets on furring strips.

Sometimes you need a target that moves in a very noticeable way when struck. This allows you to easily confirm a hit visually during training. This is especially useful when you are shooting from longer ranges. The new Dropped Steel Swinger is perfect for these applications. The swinging target will be a 5″ x 5″ square (the round target shown in the picture is a pre-production prototype). The hanger has multiple holes that will allow multiple targets to be hung or targets of varying size. Multiple hangers can be mounted on the same stand and the stand itself can also be used to mount paper targets using any size furring strips.

TacStrike has been redesigning their website and adding new products for 2012, so be sure and drop by their site to check out the above targets and others. You can also check out their Facebook page for all the latest info on their targets and to enter an amazing giveaway that they are currently conducting.

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