US PALM AK30 Rebuild Kits

Do you have any AK mags laying around that refuse to function or do you have some AK mags that you just want to upgrade? Then you will want to check out the AK30 Rebuild Kits from US PALM.

The AK30 Rebuild Kits allow you to use the excellent follower and stainless steel spring from the AK30 in your surplus magazine bodies. The follower is low friction thanks to its polymer construction and it is also extremely easy to clean since it is vented to allow debris to pass through simply by flushing the magazine with water. Stainless steel springs just make good sense on a gun that might spend time in the elements. Even the floor plate latch is parkerized for corrosion resistance. This kit upgrades every internal part of the magazine.

I can already hear some people groaning that this kit costs more than some complete surplus AK magazines. I think that is extremely short sighted. US PALM develops and makes their products right here in the USA. That means when your supplies of your favorite surplus magazine are dries up and it is no longer being imported, US PALM AK30 mags will still be available. It also means that if you have a problem, there is actually someone there to back up their product. This kit is an upgrade and people have been paying extra to upgrade AR-15 magazines for years. This also makes good sense if you prefer a certain type of AK magazine that isn’t readily available any more (which is often the case with AK magazines since they are imported in batches and sometimes never seen again once they are sold out). Rather than throwing those worn out mags that you love into a pile, you can use this kit to rejuvenate them.

I am thrilled to see US PALM continue to innovate new products for the AK-47. The AK30 Rebuild Kit gives AK shooters some very nice options when it comes to upgrading or rejuvenating magazines.

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