PWS Direct Impingement Carrier, AR15

Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) is constantly looking to improve the AR15. They seem to have a gift for looking at a component and coming up with ways to improve it while still staying within the envelope of the original part. Their new Direct Impingement Carrier, AR15 is one such component.

This carrier has a few unique features that make it interesting to me. The first is its reduced diameter. The carrier is reduced in diameter to reduce the contact area between the carrier and the inside walls of the upper receiver. This should reduce the friction and, theoretically, increase reliability. The reduced diameter doesn’t mean that this carrier rattles or knocks around inside the receiver. It rides on skid pads that provide a suitably tight fit while still reducing the overall contact with the interior of the receiver.

Despite reduced diameter, the carrier is still heavier than a normal semi-auto carrier. Heavier carriers add weight to the recoil system and thus increase dwell time which can also increase reliability.

The Direct Impingement Carrier, AR15 is made from tool steel and Isonite treated to make it more corrosion resistant, more durable, and to allow it to be cleaned easily.

Whenever something new like this comes out and makes these types of claims, it has to prove itself. Time will tell the whole story on this carrier. I am just happy to see companies like PWS continuing to improve the AR15. You can check out the Direct Impingement Carrier, AR15 on the PWS website.

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