Stag Arms 3G

3-Gun competition, especially the rifle component, has really taken off recently. It was really only a matter of time before manufacturers began to tailor products specifically to this market. Stag Arms is the first production AR-15 manufacturer that I have seen market a new AR-15 specifically to 3-Gun competitors.

The new Stag Arms 3G has many features that are popular with 3-Gun competitors. the difference is that they come standard on the rifle instead of as custom additions. These features include a 18″ stainless steel fluted heavy barrel with a 1 in 8″ twist. The barrel also features a 5.56 chamber, rifle length gas system, and it is threaded for a muzzle device.

The rifle also features a Samson Evolution free float hand guard, Geissele Super 3-Gun Trigger, Magpul ACS stock, and Magpul MOE pistol grip. This is a very well appointed rifle. Users can also add an optional set of Dueck Defense Rapid Transition Sights.

The rifle component of 3-Gun can be a fairly practical form of rifle completion. It often involves solving scenarios with targets anywhere from contact distance to several hundred yards. It has served as a breeding ground for many practical techniques and pieces of gear that have found their way into the military/law enforcement realms. So, it should come as no surprise that this rifle has the potential to be useful for more than just competition. It actually looks like it could be a great semi-precision or hunting set up in addition to its obvious role as a 3-Gun rifle. In fact, if you think about it, 3-Gun rifles like the 3G are not all that different from the military SPR concept.

You can find more information at the Stag Arms website.

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