Blue Force Gear Helium Whisper

Blue Force Gear (BFG) is already known as an innovator within the realm of tactical gear but their next product line has the potential to fundamentally change what we think we know about tactical gear.

BFG embarked on Project Helium Whisper in order to deliver durable gear that is very light weight. The key to the extreme weight reduction is the technology that BFG uses to build the pouches. The backings on these pouches are CNC-laser cut from a single piece of extremely lightweight and strong material. By cutting the backings from a single piece, many of the challenges associated with producing (alignment and assembly) a typical MOLLE backing are eliminated. Even the markings are laser etched into the material so that the additional weight of a tag is unnecessary. The results are pouches that weigh as little as 50% of what current issued MOLLE pouches weigh.

The BFG Helium Whisper line has the potential to be nothing less than revolutionary in terms of construction and weight reduction. This is definitely something that you will want to keep your eyes on.


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