Ares Armor Aspis Plate Carrier

The new Aspis Plate Carrier from Ares Armor is designed to do just two things – carry plates and accept MOLLE pouches. That is all any plate carrier really has to do. Any extra material that would complicate or hinder these two functions has been stripped away, leaving just a compact, lightweight, and functional piece of gear.

Many lightweight carriers on the market now use 500D nylon to achieve their light weight. The Aspis is made from 1000D nylon yet it still manages to weigh less (less than 2.5 pounds) than some plate carriers made from 500D nylon. The side of the plate pockets that faces the user is lined with spacer mesh for comfort.

The external cummerbund is removable and has the ability to add soft armor. It consists of two sections tied together with shock cord which allows some flex for comfort. There is also an adjustable internal cummerbund that is not removable. The internal cummerbund utilizes side release buckles for quick donning and doffing.

Fitting it’s spartan design, the Aspis shoulder straps are not padded but there will be optional shoulder pads available. There will also be an optional 3 magazines insert for the kangaroo pouch and the Aspis will work with Ares Armor’s Plate Carrier Silencer. Additional features include a drag handle on the rear plate pocket and hook material covered webbing on the top of the front and back plate pockets.

I am glad to see more options like this coming to market. As a non-military and non-law enforcement shooter, a simple carrier like the Aspis makes a lot of sense. It allows the user to carry everything they might need for a carbine course without the extra bulk or cost of more complicated plate carriers.

The new Aspis Plate Carrier from Ares Armor is now available for pre-order from Ares Armor at a discounted price. It can also be pre-ordered from PredatorARMAMENT who will have versions with Multicam and A-TACS camo matched webbing.

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