New Plate Carrier Accessories from Shellback Tactical

The recent post about a high value body armor set up was a huge hit. In that post, I mentioned the Shellback Tactical Banshee as an excellent, high value option for those who need a plate carrier (PC). Shellback Tactical has recently introduced several new products and 2 of them may be especially interesting to those who have a Banshee PC.

The first product is designed to make the Banshee’s kangaroo pouch more useful. It is a zippered pouch that uses hook and loop to lock in place. You could use the kangaroo pouch as is, but it has so much hook and loop surface area that it can be difficult to access. It isn’t really designed to be used as a simple storage pouch. However, with the addition of the Kangaroo Zipper Pouch, the pouch becomes a useful storage option.

The second product is a set of shoulder pads. These shoulder pads act as additional padding for when your PC is really loaded with weight. They can also be used for those who may have to adjust the Banshee’s shoulder straps out far enough that they have unpadded areas on the shoulder. They have non-slip material to keep them in place and elastic webbing that can be used to route comm wires or a hydration tube. These shoulder pads will fit several other TAG/Shellback Tactical plate carriers in addition to the Banshee.

It is nice to see an already full featured PC like the Banshee, getting even more functionality. I hope that Shellback Tactical has a kangaroo pouch magazine storage solution for the Banshee soon.

One Response to New Plate Carrier Accessories from Shellback Tactical

  1. Dan September 24, 2011 at 23:53 #

    Personal body armor is something I am seriously considering an investment in. Very interesting to see some new options are surfacing.

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