Magpul MOE+ and MOE-K Grips

Magpul has just released 2 new grips. The MOE+ and MOE-K grips are shipping now and should be available at dealers shortly.

The MOE+ grip was announced well over a year ago and generated some significant buzz at that time. It is very similar to the popular and well regarded MOE Grip. However, it has the addition of rubber overmolding to enhance grip across a wide range of conditions. The rubber overmolding stops short of the bottom edge of the grip in order to prevent the rubber from snagging and grabbing soft materials like clothing.

The MOE-K has some very interesting features. Magpul says that this grip is optimized for smaller weapons like PDWs or other weapons that will be held with the weapon side arms tucked into the body tightly. When the arm is tucked in like this it is more comfortable and natural to keep the hand in a more vertical position which the MOE-K accommodates with a more vertical grip angle. However, I suspect that this grip will also be a hit with those who like to run their hand up as high as possible on the AR in order to control recoil. To me, it looks like it is just screaming to be stippled.

You can check out the MOE+ and the MOE-K on the Magpul website.

2 Responses to Magpul MOE+ and MOE-K Grips

  1. Publius September 10, 2011 at 20:51 #

    Meh. Without storage in the grip, for me, it ruins the magic of what made Magpul’s grips stand apart from the rest of the pack. Nice looking grip aside from the lack of storage.


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