Novekse Lower Receiver – 5.56 Gen2

The new Gen2 lowers from Noveske are now available on select Noveske rifles and at Rainier Arms as stripped lowers. This looks like one heck of a lower receiver.

Image property of Rainier Arms

The most immediately noticeable feature of the new lower is the huge, flared magazine well. It looks like you could park your car in it. A magazine well that is this flared and over-sized should really help speed reloads and make up for the times that you get a little bit sloppy.

The lower accepts all standard pins and parts except the trigger guard and its associated parts. It is forged from 7075 T6 aluminum and mil-spec hard anodized. All of the hallmarks of quality are here, just as you would expect from Noveske.

You can visit the Rainier Arms website for ordering info on stripped lowers or the Noveske website to see the lower on their rifles.

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