Scrap Yard Knife Company 511

The newest knife design from Scrap Yard Knife Company, the 511, is available now. It continues Scrap Yard’s tradition of offering a very functional hard use knife for a very reasonable price.

The 5.11 features Scrap Yard’s excellent Resiprene C handle. I have three knives with this handle and find it to be very comfortable and easy to use. It also sports a 5.5″ blade that is ground from 3/16″ thick SR-101. SR-101 is a very tough carbon steel that holds an edge reasonably well while still being very easy to sharpen. The blade size, coupled with SR-101, make this knife a great choice for general camp chores.

As usual with Scrap Yard knives, they are only around for a limited time before they are gone forever (or at least a long time), so act fast. You can get yours on the Scrap Yard Knives wesbite.

One Response to Scrap Yard Knife Company 511

  1. Dan August 24, 2011 at 21:06 #

    Man those are nice – great price too. I really wish they would bring back some of their old models, they did a lot of sweet stuff.

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