Spike’s Tactical Melonite Gas Tube

Now here is an interesting product. Spike’s Tactical is offering a Melonite treated gas tube. My initial thought was, “Why?”

It would reduce any potential reflection from the gas tube which are typically fairly shiny but that is easy to fix with Krylon. It would also improve the resistance to heat but that is difficult to quantify and I have never melted a gas tube. However, where this product really comes into its own is corrosion resistance.

I have seen gas tubes pick up some mild corrosion even though they are made from very corrosion resistant stainless steel. I shudder to think of what the corrosive ammo used in a 5.45×39 or 7.62×39 conversion upper might do to a gas tube. These Melonite treated gas tubes only cost $2-3 more than a typical gas tube and might just be cheap insurance if you are running corrosive ammo.

In the end, as with anything, it is up to you to decide if it is worth using. Check them out on the Spike’s Tactical webpage.

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