TacStrike has a lot to offer serious shooters. They offer innovative steel targets, a very cool gear consignment service, and even high end training through their affiliation with Pat Goodale of Practical Firearms Training (PFT).


The thing that drew me to TacStrike originally was their 1/4 Scale Steel Target System. I know from experience that shooting steel can take your training to the next level. It allows you to be much more efficient on the range than if you are shooting paper. Paper requires pasting, replacement, and gear like staplers and tape. Steel targets can be set up quickly and can take round after round without maintenance during your range time.

The 1/4 Scale Target System is one of the most training friendly and versatile steel targets that I have seen (which is exactly what you would expect from a target designed with Pat Goodale and PFT). It is compact and can be moved by just one person. The target is made from AR 540 steel and it floats in the frame which allows it to soak up the impact of round after round. The 1/4 size silhouette target forces the shooter to concentrate on getting a hit unlike many larger steel targets which are too forgiving of marginal hits. The vertical post that holds the target up is armored to protect it from damage. Everything about this target is well thought out, including the base which can also accept 1×2 or 2×2 boards for use with paper targets.

Gear Consignment

TacStrike also offers a service that I am sure many busy shooters will appreciate – gear consignment. So what do you do when you have a bunch of gear that you don’t use anymore? Well, you could hit the classified section of an online forum and spend your time taking pictures, answering goofy questions from goober after goober, getting low-balled, and standing in line at the post office… or you can just send the gear to TacStrike. They will take pictures, list the gear on their site, handle the shipping, and then cut you a check when your gear sells. Now that is convenient. Of course, since this is a consignment service, that means you can also find some great deals on other people’s unneeded gear. That is a win-win.

Be sure to check out TacStrike’s Youtube channel for videos of their targets in action and their Facebook page for updates on the latest consignment gear.

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