BCS Saiga-12 Chest Rig

Beez Combat Systems (BCS) recently introduced a new chest rig for the Saiga-12 shotgun. The Saiga-12 Chest Rig is based on BCS’s well liked AK chest rig which is fitting for a shotgun that is based on the AK.

Like the AK Chest Rig that BCS makes, the Saiga-12 chest rig features a large expanse of uninterrupted MOLLE webbing with the pouches sewn in behind it. This gives the user a lot of versatility when adding pouches. It also makes the chest rig very low profile.

Saiga-12 mags can be heavy so this chest rig is wisely limited to 3 magazine pouches. The pouches are sized to accommodate both 8 and 10 rounds magazines. I wish more gear makers would make 3 magazine chest rigs. The 3 mag pattern allows the chest rig to be very compact and seems to work very well with the long, curved mags that one typically encounters with AKs.

The simple H-harness is sufficient for a chest rig this compact and light. It should support the weight of the magazines well without the bulk that comes with a padded harness.

The Saiga-12 chest rig is available on the BCS website.

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