Surplus European Steel AK-47 Magazines from AIM Surplus

AIM Surplus started offering what they call “Surplus European Steel AK47 7.62×39 30rd Magazines”. These magazines have an interesting back story and a unique feature that should be of note to AK shooters and AK magazine collectors.

Image property of AIM Surplus

AIM Surplus stated that they purchased these magazines as “Yugoslavian Bolt Hold Open Magazines”. When they arrived, they were surprised to find that they were not bolt hold open magazines but rather rib-less magazines much like those made in China. The speculation has been that these magazines are were either made on Chinese equipment in Yugoslavia or that they are Chinese magazines that were imported to Yugoslavia. That is all very interesting but why should you care?

Image property of AIM Surplus

You should care because these rib-less magazines are desirable to both shooters and collectors. A typical steel AK magazine has a large rib on the back of the magazine that can really tear up your hand during a day of drills. These magazines have a nearly flat back that makes them much easier on your hands (and pouches). On top of that, they are in very good condition and they are priced very reasonably. I ordered 10 of them and they are like new.

If you are a shooter who needs to bulk up on spare magazines or a collector who likes magazines with a unique back story, then these magazines may be perfect for you. I have no idea how much longer these will be available, but you can check them out at AIM Surplus.

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