Ruger SR556E and BX-25

Ruger always holds a few announcements for the annual NRA Show. They intended to make three big announcements this year but the SR1911 was leaked early which left only two: SR556E and the BX-25.

The SR556E is a new version of Ruger’s SR556 Autoloading Rifle. It is an AR-15 with an adjustable piston operating system. The SR556E features a new Troy rail option. It also lacks the back up iron sights and Hogue grip that come standard on the standard SR556. This gives the SR556E a lower price and the user will have more latitude to choose their own accessories. Sadly, the hammer forged barrel still has 1 in 9″ twist (instead of 1 in 7″) and, even with a lighter rail, it is still relatively heavy due to the piston system.

The BX-25 magazine for the 10/22 is going to be a huge hit. It is a 25 round extended magazine that has some very nice features. it can be disassembled for cleaning by removing only two screws and it is designed to feed the .22LR cartridges at the proper 30 degree angle which should aid reliability. If it is anywhere near as reliable as the venerable BX-1 10 round rotary magazines, it will be a must have for those who use their 10/22s as a carbine training supplement.

One Response to Ruger SR556E and BX-25

  1. Dann in Ohio April 30, 2011 at 16:55 #

    I’m really looking forward to trying the BX-25 as I have not had much luck with reliability over the years with several other brands of extended full capacity magazines on my 10/22s.

    Dann in Ohio

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