Insight Technology M3 LED

The Insight Technology M3 was one of the first affordable and readily available weapon mounted lights. Its tough, light weight polymer construction and 60 lumen output were state of the art at the time. However, as LED technology progressed, the M3’s performance was eclipsed. Now, Insight Technology has given the venerable M3 a new lease on life.

The Insight Technology M3 LED features the same polymer construction as the original M3. The only real difference is the head. Where the original M3 had an incandescent bulb, the new M3 LED features a 125 lumen LED. The original M3 ran for only an hour but the new M3 LED runs for 3 hours. The new LED head offers twice the output and twice the run time.

The M3 LED is available in black or tan. I have seen some retailers listing just the LED heads for sale to those who want to upgrade their current M3. There is also an updated M3X LED available.

2 Responses to Insight Technology M3 LED

  1. Dan March 31, 2011 at 17:44 #

    That is a pretty impressive upgrade in performance. I am continually impressed with the speed flashlight technology is moving. I recently picked up a a Quark AA Tactical and the thing blows my previous light out of the water. I like how M3 has made this light upgradable because in a few years who knows how far LEDs and batteries will advance.

    • Matt April 1, 2011 at 21:55 #

      Agreed Dan. It seems like there is no ceiling on the performance of LEDs. They just keep getting more and more efficient.

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