Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO)

Aimpoint introduced a new, more budget friendly, optic called the Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO) at the 2011 SHOT Show. The optic and its price ($440 MSRP) are geared toward the police market but it is already for sale to anyone (not just police).

The PRO seems to sit squarely between the now discontinued CompM2 and the CompM3. It has the 2 MOA red dot of the CompM3 but the 3 year battery life is a bit lower than the CompM3’s 50,000 hour battery life. 3 years on one 1/3N lithium battery is no slouch. It also features night vision compatibility, hard anodizing, and the extra waterproofing that is typical of Aimpoint’s military/police offerings.

This would be an attractive optic at this price point if all that you received in the box was the Aimpoint PRO itself, but Aimpoint takes it a step further by including their QRP2 mount. The QRP2 can be used on an AR-15/AR-10 flat top with the included spacer or you can remove the spacer to low mount the sight on something like a shotgun. The QRP2 isn’t my favorite mount on the market but it very functional and will serve to get the user up and running right away.

Aimpoint also includes some very slick lens covers. The rear cover has a transparent window that allows the sight to be used in an emergency even if both lens covers are closed. Since there is no window in the front lens cover, the sight functions like the old occluded eye sights when both covers are closed. It would be nice to see these become standard on all Aimpoint offerings.

The Aimpoint PRO is a really excellent value. I have already seen street prices of around $400 which is amazing considering everything that comes with the optic.

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