60 and 100 Round AR-15 Magazines from Surefire

One way to reduce the time spent reloading is to do away with the reload all together. Surefire’s new high capacity AR-15 magazines seek to do just that.

The new magazines come in 60 or 100 round capacities. The magazines use an ingenious follower that allows them to hold and feed ammo in 4 columns. The 60 round magazine will fit in many standard double magazine pouches which makes them relatively easy to carry. The 1o0 round magazine is a bit unwieldy, but military users may find that the extra capacity is well worth the ease of handling trade-off.

Everyone that I have talked to who have put hands on these have been impressed with the build quality. Surefire is well known for their no compromise approach to quality and function so I expect these magazines will be well made and reliable.

You can read more about these magazines on the Surefire website.

One Response to 60 and 100 Round AR-15 Magazines from Surefire

  1. Gary Rowe February 16, 2013 at 13:36 #

    I am interested in purchasing a 60 round magazine for my AR15 It shoots 223 shells.

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