Review: DuckBill Tactical Grip for the AR-15

The A2 grip that comes standard with most AR-15s is functional but has some well known shortcomings. These shortcomings are the reason that it is usually replaced and discarded not long after someone purchases an AR-15. The DuckBill Tactical Grip takes the best of the A2 grip and adds a few improvements that address the shortcomings of the A2 grip.

The most glaring problem with the A2 grip is that is leaves a gap between the trigger guard retention “ears”. This gap wears on the knuckle of your middle finger and by the end of a day on the range, it can often leave a blister. The DuckBill Tactical Grip has a rounded projection that extends to cover this gap (I assume this is the “duckbill” that gives this grip its name). It allows you to drive your hand high into the grip without tearing your knuckle apart on the trigger guard gap. It is a very simple solution that is very comfortable.

The standard A2 grip has a rest or bump on the front strap that sits between the middle finger and ring finger of the user. This finger shelf does nothing but get in the way for me. It prevents the hand from riding as high as possible on the grip. The DuckBill Tactical Grip does away with it.

Some users find the A2 grip to be too short. They end up gripping the A2 with their little finger wrapped over the flare at the bottom of the grip. The DuckBill Tactical Grip adds some extra length which should correct the length issues for most users. It is long enough that I have about a 1/4″ of usable space sticking out below my hand so those with larger hands should have plenty of surface to grip.

Like the A2 grip, the DuckBill Tactical grip has checkering on the sides and vertical grooves on the back to enhance grip. However, the DuckBill also has a very fine pebbled texture applied to the front strap. This is one of my favorite things about the grip. The pebbling adds a surprising amount of extra grip without being hard on the hands at all.

If you are a user who appreciates the form factor and shorter trigger reach of the A1 or A2 grip, you will love this grip. I really like the simplicity of it. It is very comfortable to use. I can drive my hand very high on it and the extra grip texture is very well executed.

The DuckBill Tactical Grip is available in black and OD green. Check it out the DuckBill Tactical Grip website.

These grips were provided free of charge for review.

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