Hornaday 7.62×39 123 Grain SST

Finding quality self defense ammo for an AK-47 can be difficult. The vast majority of the 7.62×39 ammunition available to shooters in the USA is imported ammo of questionable quality. Thankfully, Hornady is offering a steel cased 123 grain 7.62×39 load that features their excellent SST bullet.

The SST bullet utilized by this load offers more than adequate penetration and expands readily thanks to its polymer tip. The round is probably capable of better accuracy than most AK-47 rifles so accuracy will not be a concern. This load has a published velocity of 2350 FPS which is pretty close to the standard Russian M43 load. Everything points to this being a very effective choice for those who are looking for defensive ammo for their AK.

Check out the Hornaday 7.62×39 123 Grain SST on the Hornaday website.

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