A-DAC AR-15 Lower from AXTS Weapons Systems

The A-DAC lower receiver for the AR-15 family of weapons is a new and interesting concept from AXTS Weapons Systems. A-DAC stands for Ambidextrous Dual Action Catch. The A-DAC lower’s unique feature is that by fully depressing the magazine release button, you also activate the bolt catch. This allows right handed shooters to activate the bolt catch with their strong hand trigger finger while also releasing the magazine.

This functionality removes several steps from the process that is necessary to clear a double feed malfunction. Normally, the shooter would lock the bolt to the rear using the bolt catch, then release the magazine using the magazine release button, and so on. The A-DACs lower allows the the shooter to lock the bolt to the rear and drop the magazine using only the magazine release button which should save time.

It should also be noted that, in the renders that I have seen, these lowers will be designed to accept the previously reviewed and excellent Battle Arms Development -Ambi Safety Selector – Short Throw.

You can find more information about the A-DAC Lower on the AXTS Weapons Systems website.

2 Responses to A-DAC AR-15 Lower from AXTS Weapons Systems

  1. Roger Wang January 11, 2011 at 18:29 #

    Hi Matt!
    We have been working with Josh at AXTS since before our 90 degree modular selector was introduced. Josh had a hand in the Battle Arms Dev. Ambidextrous Safety Selector’s being.
    AXTS’s receiver, as currently seen, as well as others which have not been unveiled, will be compatible with both 90 and 45 degree selectors.
    Josh is a great guy and there’s a lot of thoughts and considerations that go into his receivers, the A-DAC is but the first of many innovative designs from AXTS we will see this year.

    Thank you Matt.

    • Matt January 11, 2011 at 19:18 #

      Thanks Roger. I have been in touch with Josh recently and I will be keeping an eye on AXTS.

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