QFSS from STAT International and LMT

The QFSS is a new offset optic mounting system from STAT International and LMT.

Many rifles, like the AR-15, are capable of both tremendous accuracy and tremendous speed. However, the optics that are mounted on these rifles are usually optimized for either speed at shorter distances or long distance accuracy. This disparity between the versatile nature of the rifle and the specialized nature of the optic is very apparent when you try to use a magnified optic at shorter distances. The magnification can slow the shooter in acquiring the target enough that they are unable to achieve the full extent of the speed that the rifle is capable of.

Optics like those from Trijicon that reticles designed to utilize the Bindon Aiming Concept and optics with low power magnification settings are certainly very usable at shorter distances, but they will still never match the speed of a red dot sight (RDS). In order to deal with the short comings of magnified optics, many competition shooters began to find ways to mount a mini RDS and a magnified optic. This allowed the precision at longer distance that they required and the speed up close when they are going against the clock. It worked well enough that the concept quickly found its way to the battle field.

Originally, the RDS was mounted on top of the magnified optic which required the shooter to adjust their cheek weld in order to acquire the RDS – if a cheek weld was even possible. Lately, there are have been mounts that allow the RDS to be mounted offset from the magnified optic so that the shooter needs only to slightly rotate the rifle while maintaining their cheek weld to acquire the RDS. Since the shooter is able to maintain their cheek weld, it takes less time to acquire the mini RDS. This brings us to the QFSS from STAT International and LMT.

QFSS stands for Quick Fire Sight System. The QFSS is a mount that allows you to mount a mini RDS at a 45 degree offset to your magnified optic. It is called a system for good reason. It isn’t just a single mount. The QFSS actually contains everything needed to mount several of the most popular mini red dot sights:

  • Doctor Reflex
  • Burris Fastfire II
  • Aimpoint Micro T-1 and H-1
  • Insight MRDS
  • Trijicon RMR
  • Leupold Delta Point

I would think that this modular, all in one approach would make the QFSS very attractive to any group that might have a variety of different optics at their disposal. STAT International tells me that eventually the mount will be offered with the specific mount needed for your specific mini RDS for those who don’t need to capability to mount several different types of mini RDS.

Even though the QFSS offsets the mini RDS, it is still inline with the bore and the adapters are made to compensate for the height differences of each different mini RDS. Zeroing a mini RDS that is mounted on top of a magnified optic can be tricky due to the extreme height over bore. The QFSS will not suffer from these issues.

So, if there are other offset mounts on the market, what makes the QFSS unique? Well, the modular design is pretty unique but what is most unique is the process by which the QFSS came into existence. STAT International conducted 100 surveys, poured over the data, and tweaked the design until it worked exactly the way it should. This lead to details like the use of slotted screws which can be removed with any number of field improvised items. This 8 month R&D period produced a mount that STAT International claims will repeat zero within 1/16 to 1/8 MOA.

Lmt Qfss Graphic

You can find more information on the QFSS on the STAT International website or Facebook page.

The QFSS is available purchase on the STAT International Website or from LMT.

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