Grip Force Adapters for Glocks

If I spend a day on the range working with my Glocks, it is not uncommon for me to come home with some “race tracks” on my hand. Glocks do not have much in the way of a beaver tail to prevent your hand from riding up too high when using a high, thumbs-forward grip. The slide can cut the web of the shooter’s hand as it reciprocates which results in slide bite or “race tracks”. Many gunsmiths offer beaver tail modifications for the Glock that are achieved by adding material to the frame and shaping it. This permanent modification is effective but may not be practical for some users (police officer’s who can not modify their duty weapon, preventing warranty issues, etc).

Image courtesy of Grip Force Products.

Grip Force Adapters seek to solve the issue of slide bite and alter the grip angle of the Glock with one inexpensive and easily installed (and removed) addition to the grip. The Grip Force Adapter is basically a “drop-in” beaver tail for your Glock. It prevents the web of your hand from contacting the slide rails. It also fills in some of the very pronounced curve of the Glock grip’s backstrap which results in a more vertical (1911 like) grip angle. It does increase the trigger reach a bit so it may not be for everyone.

You can check out the Grip Force Adapters for all 4 generations of Glocks at the Grip Force Products website. Stay tuned for a full review in the coming weeks.

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