Elzetta ZSM

There is no shortage of shotgun light mounts but the vast majority of them are poorly made barrel clamp designs. These mounts often lack the necessary surface area to hold the light securely to the barrel without shifting under recoil and position the light in such a way that a coiled tape switch must be used to activate the light.

The new Elzetta ZSM clamps to both the magazine tube and the barrel. It has plenty of surface area to ensure that it is absolutely stationary under recoil and serves to support the extended magazine tubes that are prevalent on today’s shotguns. It can also be mounted just forward of the fore end which allows the user to active the light with the support hand thumb. The ZSM is versatile enough to fit just about any serious shotgun on the market any and any light with a .70 to 1.05″ outside diameter. That includes most popular lights from Surefire, Streamlight, and Elzetta’s own excellent ZFL-M60.

The ZSM is made from glass-filled polymer which means it is not only extremely tough but also very light weight. There are two models of the ZSM; a standard version and a thumb screw model which allows the ZSM to be detached and attached without the use of tools. The ZSM can also be purchased as a complete kit which includes a 235 lumen Elzetta ZFL-M60 light.

Visit the Elzetta website for more information.

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