Tango Down Translucent ARC Magazines

Translucent AR-15 magazines are a great idea. It makes good sense to be able to estimate how many rounds you have left at a glance. However, translucent plastics have always offered a challenge for product designers because they tend to be more brittle than their opaque counterparts. This brittleness often leads to cracked feed lips. Many clear magazines have used metal reinforced feed lips with varying degrees of success.

The Tango Down ARC magazine’s unique two piece design allows a different take on the clear magazine. The feed lips and entire upper part of the magazine is made from black plastic. Black plastic is generally stronger than plastic dyed other colors so this design is actually an advantage for the ARC mags of all colors. The opaque black part of the magazine is completely covered by the receiver when the magazine is inserted so there is no disadvantage to making it opaque.

If you are in the market for translucent (or any color) magazines for your AR-15, consider the Tango Down ARC magazines.

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