ESEE-4 Custom Scales Now Available from The-Knife-Connection

The wait is finally over. The new custom scales for the ESEE-4 are finally available for purchase from The-Knife-Connection. You will want to keep a close eye on The-Knife-Connection because they will be releasing new colors and custom scales for other ESEE knives as well, like the ESEE-3.

Not only will these scales be available for purchases individually, you will have the option of purchasing a blade blank without scales. This means that you can pick your blade color, add the handle of your choice, and then choose from several sheath options that The-Knife-Connection carries. You can essentially build your own custom ESEE-4 from the ground up.

You can read more about the scales on the previous post on Jerking the Trigger (I have a set inbound for review at a later date). You can purchase them from The-Knife-Connection.

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