Ergo F93 Pro Stock

Many of you will remember the Magpul M93 stock. It was quite revolutionary when it came out and, even after it was discontinued, is still a highly regarded stock. Magpul has moved on to newer designs but they sold the rights to produce the M93 to another well known injection molded firearm accessory shop, Ergo Grips.

Now Ergo is selling the F93, their version of the venerable M93, with some changes. The most noticeable change to me is that the F93 attaches to your lower receiver via a standard end plate and castle nut. It retains all the best features from the M93 like rock solid fixed stock feel, consistent check weld regardless of stock position, and 8 positions to choose from.

The Ergo F93 is already in stock at many places and is available direct from Ergo on their website.

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