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Custom M81 Tradesman SALT Belt from Arbor Arms and Whiskey Two-Four

Whiskey Two-Four’s proprietary ACRONYM laminate material is available in M81 and Arbor Arms recently put that fact to good use. They created some custom Tradesman SALT Belts. In one cool product you have modern materials and construction methods like laser cut laminate material right along side a classic camo pattern. It’s a good time to be a gear head!

If you want something like this, it might require some leg work. This was a completely custom project but the materials are available. Maybe you could sweet talk your way into one.

Whiskey Two-Four ACRONYM

Arbor Arms Tradesman SALT Belt


Whiskey Two Four Turnkey Rig 01

Whiskey Two Four’s Turnkey Rig 01 is a straight-forward M4 magazine chest rig – an everything you need, nothing you don’t sort of chest rig. It is the first in a series of simple gear items they are creating called the “Turnkey” line. It has 5 single M4 magazine pouches on the front with an H-harness and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg even though it is made in the USA from US made materials.

Turnkey Rig 01 at WTFIdea.com

Whiskey Two Four ACRONYM Now Available in Multicam Alpine, Arid, and Tropic

Whiskey Two Four’s ACRONYM material is now available in Multicam Alpine, Arid, and Tropic. ACRONYM is a laminate fabric developed specifically for laser cutting applications. You can read more about ACRONYM in our previous post.

Whiskey Two Four ACRONYM


Whiskey Two Four (WTF) just rolled out the first of several new Practical Integrated Modular Platform, Scalable (PIMPS) components (See? That title wasn’t click-bait). PIMPS is a layered system of modular accessories built with WTF’s laser cutting precision.

The base component is a compact chest rig with a loop material face and wide, MOLLE compatible shoulder straps. The end user can then add accessory panels to build the system up from compact chest rig, all the way to serious load bearing gear.

WTF already offers a user configurable, MOLLE compatible panel and the M4 Carry All Accessory Panel. Other manufacturer’s panels with the industry standard attachment setup may also work with PIMPS.

WTF also offers the PIMPS Saddle Bags for when you really need to expand the carrying capacity of your chest rig. These general purpose pouches attach over the PIMPS chest rig in such a way that accessory panels may still be attached.

You can expect several new items to be added to the PIMPS line up in the coming weeks. Check out PIMPS at WTFIdea.com.

New Double M4 Mag/Carry All Pouch from Whiskey Two Four

Whiskey Two Four’s new Double M4 Mag/Carry All Pouch is a classic, double M4 magazine pouch rendered in modern materials. It is constructed from laser cut ACRONYM material – Whiskey Two Four’s own proprietary laminate fabric. The result is a pouch that is lightweight and durable.

The pouch features full flap coverage with mil-spec Velcro closure. The Velcro fields are very tall so that the flap can accommodate objects of varying height. It also features an elastic tensioner to keep the pouch tight when it is carrying smaller items or a single magazine. The pouch is MOLLE compatible and comes with 2 WTFix straps.

Check out the new Double M4 Mag/Carry All Pouch at it’s introductory price at WTFIdea.com.

Whiskey Two-Four Modular Accessory Panel

Whiskey Two-Four’s new Modular Accessory Panel is slim, light, and affordable. The face of the panel is laser cut from their ACRONYM material with a series of slots and voids that create a 3 row by 6 column MOLLE compatible surface. The back of the panel has uninterrupted hook material which works along with the adjustable height, male side release buckles to allow the Modular Accessory Panel to attach to SwiftClip® plate carriers.

The Modular Accessory Panel allows you to mount your preferred MOLLE compatible pouches to the panel and then dock it directly to your plate carrier. You can use multiple panels to quickly change the configuration of your compatible plate carrier or chest rig.

This is one of the lightest panels of this type on the market and, at $25, it is also one of the most affordable. Check out the Modular Accessory Panel at Whiskey Two-Four.

Whiskey Two Four ACRONYM 1.5″ 3 Ring Binder Cover

I would have gladly traded my neon Trapper Keeper with airbrushed soccer art for the new ACRONYM 1.5″ 3 Ring Binder Cover from Whiskey Two Four (WTF).

ACRONYM is WTF’s proprietary laminate material (you can read about it HERE) and they manage to find a lot of uses for it including skinning 3 ring binders. This cover may fit other 1.5″ binders but it is made specifically for the Wilson Jones HD Binders. It available in a variety of colors and features an 8″ x 4″ loop field for attaching patches and ID.

ACRONYM 1.5″ 3 Ring Binder Cover at WTFIdea.com

Whiskey Two Four ACRONYM Loop to PALS Adapter

You can check out the handy new ACRONYM Loop to PALS Adapter at Whiskey Two Four. It features a laser cut PALS field on one side and hook material on the other so you can use it to mount MOLLE pouches on loop material. It’s thin, light, and useful.

Whiskey Two Four Quick Adjust Ultra Light Carrying Strap

You may remember Whiskey Two Four’s previous version of the Ultra Light Carrying Strap. It was just what it sounds like… a very simple, very lightweight strap with no quick adjustment feature. The new version, the Quick Adjust Ultra Light Carrying Strap, is very much like the original but with the addition of a quick adjust slider.

The new version features the same 1/2″ webbing as the original and the same type of wide, laser cut nylon “pad”. I placed pad in quotation marks because there is no actual padding. It is just thin piece of material that is very wide to help bear the weight of the rifle.

The slider is very low profile. You just grab it with your support hand, then push to tighten or pull to loosen the sling. Everything about this sling is thin, light, and simple.

Check out the Quick Adjust Ultra Light Carrying Strap at Whiskey Two Four.

Whiskey Two-Four ACRONYM Laminate Material

Whiskey Two-Four (WTF) has been developing their own lamination processes for some time now and their new laminate material is now ready for prime time.

From WTF:

WTF’s ACRONYM™ laminate fabric is in stock and available for immediate shipping.

ACRONYM (Advanced Composite Rugged Optimized NYlon Material) fabric is comprised of two layers of 500D textured nylon fabric joined back to back with a proprietary bonding process. ACRONYM is made specifically for laser cut applications. ACRONYM is made entirely in the USA from USA made materials and is Berry compliant.

No laser cutting capability? We do that. Do you seek finished, sewn parts? We do that too. Contact us.

Visit the ACRONYM product page at the Whiskey Two-Four website to learn more.

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