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Whiskey Two-Four Laser Cut Zipper Pulls

Simple ideas are often good ideas. Whiskey Two-Four offers some pretty slick zipper pulls in 2 lengths that are laser cut from Hypalon which is grippy, light weight, durable, and won’t jingle like loose change in your pocket every time you move. When you think about it, Hypalon is probably the perfect material to stand in as a zipper pull.


They are sold in packs 4, 10, or 20 in both Black and Coyote Brown. They can also be ordered with various indicators or phrases laser etched on the pull.

Check out the Laser Cut Zipper Pulls at Whiskey Two-Four.

Whiskey Two-Four Loopanywhere

Whiskey Two-Four is offering a handy new piece of gear called Loopanywhere.It turns the space between rows of PALS webbing into useful spaces to display patches or ID.

Gear doesn’t get much simpler than this. Loop anywhere is just a laser cut section of loop Velcro with tabs that can be tucked between rows of PALS webbing. It is available in 2, 3, 4, and 6 column wide sections and in many colors/camo patterns.

Check out Loopanywhere at Whiskey Two-Four.

WTF Loopanywhere sizes WTF Loopanywhere inSTALLED

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