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V Seven 18″ .224 Valkyrie Barrel

Glendale, OR – V Seven Weapon Systems is pleased to announce the addition of our new 18” 224 VALKYRIE MATCH barrel to our lineup of high quality barrels. Demand for a quality 224 VALKYRIE barrel is at an all time high so it was time for V SEVEN to step in and fill that void. Whether you’re going for an all V SEVEN build or just upgrading an existing rifle, this is the barrel you want to maximize the potential accuracy of the 224 VALKYRIE round.

Our 224 VALKYRIE barrel is made from 416R Stainless Steel with a Medium Contour, V SEVEN Match Chamber, V SEVEN Ultra Match lapped bore, improved, melonited barrel extension and 1 in 7 Poly Twist. Each barrel ships with our V SEVEN 17-4 Stainless pin-on low profile gas block and gas tube. A fluting option is available for added weight savings.

The V Seven 18” 224 VALKYRIE barrel combines all of the quality and accuracy you’ve grown to expect from V Seven with the speed and range of the 224 VALKYRIE round giving you one of the best 224 VALKYRIE barrels on the market.

    • –  ROCKWELL C 30-32
    • –  1 in 7 POLY TWIST
    • –  1/2X28 THREADS

For more information please go to ​www.VSevenWeaponSystems.com​ or give us a call at 541-832-2179.

V Seven Weapon Systems 11.5″ Harbinger SBR and Complete Uppers

Glendale, OR – Continuing with the focus on their AR10 / SR25 line of products, V Seven Weapon Systems has introduced the new Harbinger 11.5” .308 SBR and Harbinger 11.5” .308 Complete Uppers.

The new Harbinger 11.5” .308 SBR is available in two different configurations.

Option #1 features the 11.5” .308 lightweight contour fluted barrel under a 10.75” Magnesium Hyper-light handguard in your choice of MLOK or KeyMod. This is perfect for those looking to add their own suppressor or muzzle device option.

Option #2 takes the same 11.5” .308 lightweight contour fluted barrel but is placed under the 13.5” Magnesium Hyper-light handguard, again in your choice of MLOK or KeyMod, with a HELIOS Titanium Linear Compensator tucked under the end of the handguard giving you a few extra inches of handguard to add grips, lights, etc.

Already have an AR10 SBR or AR Pistol lower? No problem. The V Seven Harbinger 11.5” Complete Uppers are available separately as well.

For more information please go to www.VSevenWeaponSystems.com or give us a call at 541-832-2179.

V Seven Weapon Systems .308 Magnesium Hyper-Light Handguards

For immediate release – Glendale, OR – V Seven Weapon Systems expands their line of Magnesium Hyper-Light Handguards to now include MLOK and KeyMod handguards for .308 (AR10/SR25) rifles.

With most .308 rifles weighing quite a bit more than their AR-15 counterpart, end users have been looking for ways to shed some weight wherever possible. The Hyper-Light family of hanguards are manufactured from a blended aluminum & magnesium alloy which yields an approximately 30% reduction in material weight compared to commonly used 6061 aluminum.

The 308 Hyper-Light Handguards are available in four different lengths which are 10.75”, 13.5”, 15” and 16.5” in both MLOK and KeyMod. The finish is a plasma deposition process that provides a tough ceramic-like coating with superior wear resistance compared to anodizing. Each 308 Hyper-Light Handguard comes with all required mounting hardware including a Grade 5 Titanium Barrel Nut, Barrel Nut Wrench and Screws.

For more information including weights for all rail lengths and additional photos, please follow the links below or give us a call at 541-832-2179.

V Seven Weapon Systems 308 Magnesium Hyper-Light MLOK Handguard

V Seven Weapon Systems 308 Magnesium Hyper-Light KeyMod Handguard

V Seven Weapons Helios Muzzle Device

Krinkov style muzzle brakes are designed to direct concussion forward and away from the shooter while also providing some muzzle rise mitigation. However, many of them also turn your carbine into a nose-heavy fence post due to their weight.

The new Helios Muzzle Device from V Seven Weapons is constructed from titanium so it weighs considerably less than what similar steel devices weigh at just 2.5 ounces. It adds 2.2 inches to the over all length of the barrel and has a 1.25″ outer diameter so it can fit under most extended handguards.

The Helios is available in black or silver finishes and 1/2×28 or 5/8×24 thread pitches. The 5/8×24 version will accommodate projectiles up to .338″ in diameter.

Helios Muzzle Device at VSevenWeaponSystems.com


V Seven has launched an updated version of their 16″ LR Enlightened AR-15 Rifle. It has a number of updates including the buffer tube, rail, barrel nut and some other small parts. The result is a production rifle that weighs in at less 4 pounds, 13.5 ounces.

V Seven 16″ LR Enlightened AR-15 Rifle at V7WeaponSystems.com


V SEVEN Upper Parts:

Enlightened 2055 upper receiver
Ultra-light 13.5” KeyMod handguard w/7068 alum. barrel nut
16” 5.56 Stainless Lightweight contour fluted barrel
Barrel is 1:7-in. twist
Titanium BCG-5.56
Lightweight AR-15 charging handle
Ultra-light AIR AR-15 port door
Ultra-light Enlarged end port door rod
1/2 x 28 Titanium A2 style compensator- Ionbond (DLC) black finish

V SEVEN Lower Parts:

Enlightened 2055 lower receiver w/QD endplate
2055 carbine buffer tube
7068 Lightweight castle nut
Titanium buffer retainer
Carbine buffer spring
H1 buffer
Hybrid RH 57 degree selector w/titanium core
7068 Ultra-light mag catch/release w/diamond button
Lightweight S7 tool steel bolt catch- Ionbond (DLC) black finish
Ultra-light AR-15 Takedown/pivot pin set
Titanium trigger/hammer pins Geissele .155” diameter
Titanium grip screw

Additional Components:

Geissele G2S trigger
BCM Gunfighter stock assembly- black
BCM MOD-0 grip- black
TangoDown ARC mag 30rnd (where legal)

Buy a Barrel, Get a Free Gas Tube at V7 Weapon Systems

V7 Weapon Systems is offering a free Extreme Environment Inconel Gas Tube with the purchase of one of their barrels. The Sale runs through New Years Day.

v7 barrel special

V Seven Weapons AR-15 GI Lower

V Seven Weapons just took the wraps off their new AR-15 GI Lower. This forged lower incorporates features that are typically only found on billet lowers and adds a bit of V7 flair.


The lower starts with a 7075-T6 forging which is then machined to final dimensions. V7 finishes the lowers with a typical hard anodizing but takes it a step further by adding a coating of KG Gun Kote. The front of the mag well is textured for those who prefer a magwell grip (these cuts also lighten the lower). The magwell opening is flared.


V7 could resist doing what V7 does by making this lower just a touch lighter. You a lightening cut on the grip tang. The lower weighs 8 ounces overall which is .5-.7 ounces less than a typical GI lower. That isn’t much of a difference but it is something. V7 has stated that they have plans for an even lighter lower to be released around Christmas time of this year.

Check out the new V Seven Weapons AR-15 GI Lower. It is currently available at special introductory pricing.


V7 Weapon Systems Hybrid 3 Gun/Sport Selectors

V7 Weapon Systems makes a wide variety of AR-15 selectors and that list is now longer by one. Their new Hybrid 3 Gun/Sport Selectors bring the same lightweight you expect from V7 but with the massive, hard to miss levers you expect for a competition gun.

The skeletonized 7075 T6 aluminum levers offer a plenty of surface area so you can manipulate the selector quickly. The selector core is machined from heat treated and hardened grade 5 titanium. The Hybrid 3 Gun/Sport Selectors are available in both a right hand (8.4 grams) and ambi style (10.5 grams).

Check out the V7 Weapon Systems Hybrid 3 Gun/Sport Selectors.


ROSCH Works SLM-1 in FDE and OD Green at V7 Weapon Systems

The ROSCH Works SLM-1 was previously only available in black. Now that V7 Weapon Systems is carrying them, they have expanded the color options to include Black, FDE, and OD Green.

rosch slm1 fde

V7 Titanium QD Endplate

The new V7 Titanium QD Endplate is a drop in replacement for the standard endplate. It provides a QD sling swivel socket that can be used with single point or two point sling configurations. It also happens to be machined from titanium which makes it about 50% lighter (7.2 grams) than the standard steel endplate and gives your AR something in common with the SR-71 “Blackbird”… you know, because it had some titanium too. There is no escaping the fact that titanium is cool.

v7 endplate ti

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