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V7 Ultra-Light Mag Catch/Release

V7 Weapon System Mag Catch

V7 Weapon Systems continues their all out assault on your AR-15’s excess weight. Their new V7 Ultra-Light Mag Catch/Release offers a 48% weight reduction versus the standard parts. The mag catch engagement point is made from the same super alloy that they use on their V7 Lightweight Castle Nut that they claim is 30% stronger and harder than 7076 T6 aluminum. The button and threaded post is machined from 7076 T6. It is hard anodized and completely corrosion resistant.

I am kind of interested to see what weight saving parts V7 Weapon Systems will come up with next. Check out the V7 Ultra-Light Mag Catch/Release at V7 Weapon Systems.

V7 Weapon Systems

V7 Weapon Systems

Do you have a pen and paper? Good. Make a note to keep an eye on V7 Weapon Systems. You may not know them know but you probably know the founder, at least tangentially. Joel Allen, formerly of Noveske Rifleworks, is the man behind V7 Weapons Systems and that alone should inspire some confidence. V7 Weapon Systems is doing some things with AR-15 parts that I have never seen done before and that is pretty exciting.

If you aren’t paying attention, it is pretty easy to scoff at their $140 receiver extension (buffer tube) but, hopefully as an intelligent JTT reader, you read beyond the price to notice that it is machined from 4140 steel and black nitride finsihed! The finish makes the 4140 steel nearly impervious to rust and reduces friction.

V7 Buffer Tube

Their CTBOLT appears to be just like any other AR-15 bolt at first glance but a quick perusal of the spec sheet uncovers something very interesting. It is made from Carpenter 158 steel like a proper bolt should be, but, unlike most bolts, it is cryogenically treated which can greatly increase its strength and hardnessV7 Weapon Systems claims you can expect up to 200% longer service life thanks to the treatment. They are so confident in the CTBOLT that they offer a lifetime warranty regardless of round count.

I am really looking forward to seeing what V7 Weapon Systems can cook up next!


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