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Sneak Peek: Lone Wolf Distributors Testing Billet Glock Extractors

Lone Wolf Distributors is testing a potential new product – stainless steel billet Glock extractors. There are prototype 9mm extractors in the hands of product testers already. Current factory Glock extractors are metal injection molded (MIM) which some shooters find objectionable. This new extractor from Lone Wolf is machined from a block of steel. Stay tuned for updates.


Video: Glock Firing Cycle Explained from Lone Wolf Distributors

Have you ever wondered why people polish the parts that they polish in the so called 25 Cent Trigger Job? Have you ever wonder how a simple geometry change to a trigger connector can make your Glock’s trigger feel so much lighter? Well, it’s easier to understand things like this when you understand the firing cycle and how all those small parts in your Glock interact with each other.

Lone Wolf Distributors knows a thing or two about Glocks and they produced an easy to follow video that shows the entire firing cycle.

Lone Wolf Aluminum Magazine Coupler

Lone Wolf Distributors believes two is definitely better than one, especially when it comes to “happy sticks”. Their new Aluminum Magazine Couplers help you fix two Glock magazines together which should be especially popular with the pistol caliber AR crowd.

Aluminum Magazine Coupler at LoneWolfDist.com

Blank Slides from Lone Wolf Distributors

The popularity of custom machining work on Glock slides is exploding and a handful of companies have begun to offer Glock slide blanks as a blank canvas for this custom work. It should come as no surprise that my North Idaho neighbors, Lone Wolf Distributors, are the latest to begin offering these slide blanks. They have been in the after-market Glock slide business longer than anyone.

lone wolf blank slides

From Lone Wolf Distributors:

Lone Wolf Distributors proudly announces our new Alpha Wolf slide blanks. Custom gunsmiths or skilled hobbyist will no longer have to work around existing profiles, sight cuts or serrations.

These slide blanks are made in the USA of 416 Stainless Steel, with a Rockwell hardness of 32-35. (For less wear on those expensive mills) Our slide blanks are featureless on the outside and finished on the inside. Shipped tumbled and in the white, these are truly a blank canvas.

Gen3 – 17s shipping now
Gen3 – 19s shipping second week of August 2016
Gen3 34s shipping third week of August 2016
Gen4s call Dave at 208-448-0600 ext. 120 to check on availability

Complete parts kits are also available to finish your one of a kind masterpiece.

Follow this link to place your order: https://www.lonewolfdist.com/SlideBlanks

Timberwolf Holsters from GunfightersINC

It can be a little difficult to find holsters for Lone Wolf Distributor’s Timberwolf frames. They usually work well enough in standard Glock holsters but the fit is rarely perfect. GunfightersINC is now offering holsters molded specifically for the Timberwolf frames and the complete Timberwolf handguns that will be available soon.

Check out GunfightersINC.

timberwolf gunfightersinc

“Damascus” Slide Treatment from Lone Wolf Dist.

Lone Wolf Distributors recently posted an image of an experimental laser engraving process that came out of their custom shop and looks very much like Damascus steel. There are no coatings or other finishes applied. The effect is created with the laser only. This is an engraving option that they are considering adding to the regular offerings.

lone wolf damascus laser

It certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I appreciate the work that likely went into achieving this look so seamlessly from surface to surface. Given the way laser engraving roughs the surface slightly, it may also be a functional finish that makes the slide easier to grip/manipulate.

Complete Glock Reference Guide – Fourth Edition

I have an earlier edition of Lone Wolf’s Complete Glock Reference Guide that I have been using for years. The reference tables on parts compatibility and parts numbers are invaluable. They have now released the new 4th edition that includes the latest models and parts. If you are a Glock shooter who does their own maintenance, this is a great addition to your library.

Check out the Complete Glock Reference Guide – Fourth Edition at Lone Wolf Distributors.

Lone Wolf Complete Glock Reference

Lone Wolf Distributing Alpha Wolf Glock Barrels

Lone Wolf Distributing is already known for their affordable, drop-in replacement barrels for Glock handguns. Their new Alpha Wolf Barrels are also drop-in, replacement barrels for Glocks but with a host of premium features.

Lone Wolf Alpha Wolf Barrels

The Alpha Wolf Barrels are turned from stress relieved 416R stainless steel and button rifled, not polygonal rifled like OEM Glock barrels, which makes them suitable for use with lead bullets. Lone Wolf Distributing states that the bore goes through a 3 stage honing process. The barrels are fluted and undergo a salt bath nitride process.

The Alpha Wolf Barrels have already been announced for many Glock models in both stock length and threaded options. Many configurations are already available directly from Lone Wolf Distributing.

Lone Wolf Distributing has also announced that these barrels will be available for the Glock 42 and 43, and that they are developing a 9×18 Makarov conversion barrel for the G42!

Lone Wolf Alpha Wolf Build

Lone Wolf Dist Glock Firing Pin Safety

lone wolf plngerIf you want to lighten and smooth your Glock trigger a bit, one of the easiest parts to target is the firing pin safety. Generally, you can slightly reduce the firing pin safety spring weight without effecting the reliability and safety of your Glock. Savvy Glock shooters also used to modify the firing pin safety by rounding it to a dome which reduces the weight and bearing surface. This modification was often done by chucking the firing pin safety into a drill and shaping it with stones or sandpaper.

Lone Wolf Distributors’ (LWD) new firing pin safety is already dome shaped. It is a steel part that weighs 25% less than the OEM part. The reduced weight and reduced bearing surface lightens and smooths the trigger pull since the trigger bar must lift the firing pin safety during the take-up stage of the Glock’s trigger pull.

LWD sells their firing pin safety for just $3.48. At that price, it doesn’t pay to spend the time modifying your OEM part. Just buy one from LWD and keep your OEM firing pin safety as a spare.

Custom Slide Modifications for Glock OEM Slides from Lone Wolf Dist.

My north Idaho neighbors, Lone Wolf Distributors (LWD), have been offering custom slide modifications on their own house brand slides for quite a while. Now they are expanding that service to include customer supplied OEM Glock slides. The modifications include 4 different patterns designed to improve grip, function, and aesthetics.

As usual for LWD, the modifications are very reasonably priced at just $174.95. Check out the new slide modification options at Lone Wolf Distributors.

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