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Kitfox Design Group Launches New Site

Kitfox Design Group, line art extraordinaire and creator of the Firearm Coloring Book (along with a bunch of other cool stuff), has launched a new website. The new site is the place to check out the Firearm Coloring Book, limited edition patches, and more.


COVFEFE Patch from Forward Controls Design

How about a steaming hot cup of COVFEFE! Forward Controls Design has a new patch that you can wear while you read the President’s 3AM tweets.

COVFEFE Patch at Forward Controls Design

Millwall Fist Patch from Wilde Custom Gear

The story of Roy Larner’s bravery surfaced in the media earlier this week. According to reports, he took on three knife wielding terrorists with nothing but his fists all while shouting his allegiance to Millwall FC – a football club in the second tier of English football. That kind of bravery will earn a man a pint or two… and a morale patch in his honor.

Wilde Custom Gear created a laser cut, fist shaped patch that any football hooligan would be proud to wear. You can check it out on their website: WildeCustomGear.com


I’m done buying patches this year… FALSE!

Gear Whores Anonymous’ new FALSE Patch features the mug of everyone’s favorite beet farmer. The patches are available for pre-order now with a shipping date of sometime this month.



Hillary’s Private Email Server Patch from Tacsoup and Battle Patches

Battle Patches is offering two new patch designs, designed by Tacsoup, that poke a little fun at Hillary Clinton and her pesky email problems. What a minute. Who do they think they are kidding? This must be the work of the Russians too!

Check out the Hillary Private Server and Classified Intel Inside patches at Battle Patches.

Mil-Spec Monkey – Originators of the Modern Day Morale Movement

Mil-Spec Monkey recently uploaded the following image as their Facebook Cover Image.


The image started me thinking about how huge morale patches have become, how many patch-centered lifestyle brands have popped up in recent years, and how influential Mil-Spec Monkey really has been in making all that happen. They took the morale patch from a niche item known only to those in the know, to a lifestyle item that retailers stock by the thousands. The Monkey is probably the main reason so many gear items have loop material fields on them now.  Who would have thought that you could build an entire brand/empire around patches?

Check out Mil-Spec Monkey and buy a patch or two to pay homage to the OG of the Modern Day Morale Movement.

Drain the Swamp Patch from Wilde Custom Gear

The swamp could definitely use some draining. Check out Wilde Custom Gear’s homage to President Elect Trump’s statement about cleaning out our government.

Drain the Swamp Patch at Wilde Custom Gear


RE Factor Tactical Violence is the Answer Patch

First it was a t-shirt. Then it was a hoodie. Now, it’s a morale patch. RE Factor Tactical’s “Sometimes Violence is the Answer” graphic just keeps going and going. It’s got math and stuff.

Violence is the Answer Patch at RE Factor Tactical


GWA Yuge Patch

Gear Whores Anonymous just rolled out their new Yuge patch. Who wouldn’t want President Elect Trump mouthing the word “Yuge” on their favorite piece of gear!?!?

Check out the GWA Yuge Patch at NextGen Warfighter.


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