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Newest Patches at Stickthison.com

Stickthison.com has two new patches to check out.

The 3D Printed Gun Patch depicts what might be the most controversial gun in recent history. This patch is basically a big poke in the eye to libertyphobes.

If you shoot guns and cameras, you’re sure to like the Tactical Camera Patch. It’s a gun made out of cameras… which sounds like something I can’t afford in anything other than morale patch form.


Sneak Peek: Four Loko Hipoint Patch from Stickthison.com

Stickthison.com is working on a patch of immense artistic importance and cultural significance. Their upcoming Four Loko Hipoint Patch features a Hipoint with Four Loko paint scheme… and a suppressor… and a milled RMR sight… and a grenade launcher. Clear a space on the wall at the Met! This thing is awesome.

The best part of all of this is that the patch is actually based on an real firearm completed by Mad Pig Customs. It exists! This patch is a collaboration piece between Mad Pig Customs and Stickthison.com. The word on the street is that they are working on a Hipoint Carbine as well.

This patch is not available yet. Visit the product page to be notified when it drops. Stickthison.com

Dremel Gunsmith Patch from Stickthison.com

Rotary tools are very useful for the gun owner… right up until they aren’t. I am guilty of exceeding the limits of my skill with a Dremel. I bet you’ve found yourself in over your head with a rotary tool from time to time too. If you can relate, this patch is for you.


Modern Arms MA-Bar Patch

I always look forward to the patch releases at Modern Arms. They always manage to pack some incredible detail into their embroidered moral patch designs.

Their upcoming MA-Bar patch looks like the iconic Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife. It features some impressive detail from the highlights that give depth to the blade grinds and fuller, to varied colors of stacked leather washers, and even the chamfer cut in the leather washers near the guard.

Modern Arms patches often sell out quickly so you will want to stay tuned to ModernArms.net for more details.

Space Force Morale Patch from Stickthison

Stickthison released their new Space Force Morale Patch. This PVC patch with hook backing features a detailed rendering of an astronaut with a true space gun – the HK G11.


Patch Collecting: AT Rhodesian Patch

AT Armor just released their new AT Rhodesian Patch (among patches). The patch features the motto and imagery of the iconic Rhodesian army recruitment poster with some AT Armor branding. You can check it out at ATArmor.com.

StickThisOn.com Velcro Morale Patch Hat

Most “tactical’ hats have a roughly 3″ x 2” loop field for attaching patches. What if the patch you want to attach is larger than that or maybe an non-standard shape? StickThisOn.com designed their new Velcro Morale Patch Hat to give the wearer more flexibility in the patches they display and how they display them.

The new hat is a 6 panel, trucker style with mesh sides and a snap back. The front 2 panels of the hat are made entirely from loop material. That is a lot of patch real estate.

The Velcro Morale Patch Hat is limited to 100 pieces. Each hat comes with a free patch of your choice.


Note: At that time of this writing, the Velcro Morale Patch Hat shows “out of stock” because it has not been released. It will be available soon.

Not Guns Patch from StickThisOn.com

It doesn’t matter that your backpack is your favorite camo pattern, OD Green, Tactical Black, or Coyote Brown. It doesn’t even matter if it is covered with PALS webbing and loop Velcro. Just add a Not Guns Patch from StickThisOn.com and POOF… instant grey man. No one will ever suspect that your everyday carry bag is chocked full of guns!

Black Sheep Warrior Announces Their Vintage T-shirt and Matching Patch

Our friends at Black Sheep Warrior have some good looking new swag to check out.

From Black Sheep Warrior:

Black Sheep Warrior has just announced their brand new Vintage Style T-shirt and matching, limited edition patch. According to Black Sheep Warrior, the shirt is made from a super comfortable 60/40 cotton poly blend and was printed in the United States. The Patch matches the graphics on the T-shirt and are limited to the first 100 customers. The shirt and patch can be obtained at Black Sheep Warrior’s online store located at www.mtgtactical.com

Superesse Straps Note Patch Kit

The extent of the utility you’ll get out of most hook backed patches is the ability to make someone laugh or serve as a marker or identification. The Superesse Straps Note Patch Kit can do both of those things and then some!

Like Superesse Straps’ other “Patch Kits”, the Note Patch Kit has a hidden compartment behind the patch itself that is accessed via a slit in the hook material. This is good for storing things discreetly or just for the convenience of carrying something like a small dry erase marker or charcoal pencil… which you can use to actually write on the surface of the patch. The surface of the patch is white with glow-in-the-dark memo lines and can be written on.

The kit comes with a number of items including the patch, a charcoal pencil, kneaded eraser, and ranger bands (which can be used to erase), and a lead pencil. It is also available with an optional Parapen (ink pen wrapped with paracord) and note sheets.

Check out the Superesse Straps Note Patch Kit

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