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Proven Arms & Outfitters Back to School Sales

There are a ton of new items and sales coming to Proven Arms & Outfitters this week.

If you want to see Magpul’s new line of sunglasses, they will have them in store next week on their new Magpul Sunglasses kiosk. http://www.provenoutfitters.com/eyewear-1569

They are also offering 50% off Magpul summer apparel. http://www.provenoutfitters.com/clearance-1561

All backpacks are on sale: http://www.provenoutfitters.com/packs

T3 Trident Tactical/Technical is 40% off: http://www.provenoutfitters.com/t3-gear-730

There is a ton of RE Factor Tactical Gear to check out.

Apparel: http://www.provenoutfitters.com/apparel-476

Morale: http://www.provenoutfitters.com/morale-motivation

Clearance: http://www.provenoutfitters.com/clearance-1209

Both Streamlight and Maglite flashlights are on sale for 45% and 30% off respectively.

Streamlight: http://www.provenoutfitters.com/streamlight-427

Maglite: http://www.provenoutfitters.com/maglite

Rite in the Rain: www.provenoutfitters.com/rite-in-the-rain

First Tactical Apparel and Bags: www.provenoutfitters.com/first-tactical

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