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zeta6 Speed Strips

The old days of buying extra long speed strips to space out your revolver reload into doubles may be over thanks to zeta6. They offer a line of speed strips that offer innovative spacing and orientations so that you can load doubles or even triples from a convenient to carry speed strip format.

There are a number of options to choose from at zeta6 including the J-STRIP and SYM-STRIP which both offer built-in spacing to ensure smooth reloading of two chambers at once with the SYM-STRIP offering a symmetrical tab so that the strip can be held on either side. They also offer the J-PAK which is sort of like a speed loader/speed strip hybrid that carries flat but makes reloading three chambers at once possible.

I have not put my hands on these but, if they do what they should, they seem to offer a worthwhile evolution to the venerable old speed strip.


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