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Will Moon Custom Knives – Emerson Super Commander Moon Ultra-Mod

There is an entire cottage industry set up around customizing production knives and no knives are more popular to customize than Emerson Knives. True custom Emerson Knives are in extremely high demand and cost a significant amount of money so many fans of Mr. Emerson’s work resort to customizing a production version of one of his knives to suit their tastes. This process usually involves a significant investment in cash and time while you wait for the work to be completed which is why it is so cool to see a maker offering off-the-shelf custom modified Emerson knives.

Will Moon Custom Emerson Commander

Will Moon is an accomplished knife maker in his own right. He makes very distinctive folders that tend to be elegant, understated, and built like Swiss time pieces if Swiss time pieces could be used to cut through a car door. He has turned his attention to a limited number of Emerson Super Commanders and created what he calls the Emerson Super Commander Moon Ultra-Mod.

The Emerson Super Commander Moon Ultra-Mod may start out as a production knife but nearly every aspect of it is hand tuned. The typical asymmetrical grind that Emerson is known for is tweaked to provide improved geometry and edge retention. The blade is hand rubbed to a satin finish. The titanium locking liner is carbide plated to increase it’s lifespan and the nylon washers have been replaced with phosphor bronze to smooth the action. The scales have been replaced with high-viz orange, hand contoured, bead blasted G-10. The thumb disk has also been replaced with a custom high-viz orange G-10 part that is contoured to make deploying the blade even easier.

This knife is gorgeous to look at and functionally improved. Check out the Emerson Super Commander Moon Ultra-Mod.

will moon custom emerson commander disk

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