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Vuurwapen Concepts

Vuurwapen ConceptsVuurwapen Concepts is a newly formed training outfit from some people that you should already know, Jim Staley of Deliberate Dynamics and Andrew Tuohy of Vuurwapen Blog. They are already receiving kudos for the few classes that they have instructed and, if you are familiar with their work separately, you know they won’t settle for anything other than high quality training.

Vuurwapen Concepts is building a course schedule and cadre of instructors who they promise will be knowledgeable in a variety of topics including breaching, medicine, and shooting. They plan to have at least 4 instructors at each course which should help with pace and allow students an extra measure of personalized instruction.

Keep tabs on Vuurwapen Concepts on their Facebook Page.

Vuurwapen Concepts Class

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