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Victory Tactical Gear RTP26225 Rifle Plate Test

VTG Banshee Defender System

Just yesterday I mentioned the Banshee Defender System from Victory Tactical Gear and Shellback Tactical. I commented that I wasn’t aware of any formal testing of the RTP26225 plates that are included in the package. Lo and behold, Victory Tactical Gear posted a video about the plate yesterday evening. It isn’t what you would call formal testing but it is a good baseline for the plate’s performance.


Victory Tactical Gear Banshee Defender System

VTG Banshee Defender System

Our friends at Shellback Tactical have partnered with Victory Tactical Gear (VTG) to offer a package deal, the Banshee Defender System, that includes two of VTG level IV stand-alone plates along with a Shellback Tactical Banshee Plate Carrier. The package sells for $480. I haven’t seen any formal testing of these plates but, for what it’s worth, the anecdotal accounts of their performance have been good. I can also relate that the Banshee is a reasonably comfortable PC for stand-alone plates, even single curve plates like these, since the plate pockets are padded.

Check out the Banshee Defender System.

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