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Unity Tactical FAST Paper Model – Try Before You Buy

Maybe you have heard of Unity Tactical’s FAST Mounts but you aren’t sure that their increased height over bore will work for you. In a move that should serve as an example to others in the industry, Unity Tactical has made a paper model available to perspective buyers so that they can get a first hand look at how the FAST mounts will feel on their personal rifles… or maybe you just enjoy the art and crafts.

The model is available as a download from the FAST Micro Mount product page. You will need to do a little cutting, taping, and folding to finish it.

Check out the FAST Micro Mount product page for details and click the downloads tab to access the model.

Unity Tactical CLUTCH Belt in Multicam

Unity Tactical’s CLUTCH Belt is currently available in Multicam. According to Unity Tactical, the stretch material used in the creation of the CLUTCH is rarely available in Multicam so this is an extremely limited run. It may be a long time before they are available again… if they are EVER available again. As of the time of this writing, all three sizes are in stock.


Unity Tactical and Ruta Locura Did This Just to Show Off

I think Unity Tactical must have a Q Branch because the recent in house rifle project they took on, with help from Ruta Locura, is some straight up James Bond stuff.

They created one of the slickest and lightest weigh pack rifles you will ever see. They started with a Crickett youth rifle which they SBRed. Then they installed a Ruta Locura pack rifle stock and a custom, cut down carbon fiber wrapped barrel (also from Ruta Locura). Unity Tactical made a custom mount for a Trijicon RMR, cut down the bolt handle, and made a custom ammo holder. They also installed a suppressor and made a few modifications so the rifle would stow as shown in the image above.

The end result is an amazing little pack rifle that weighs just 1.5 pounds as shown (and with 36 rounds of .22LR on board)!

Unity Tactical

Ruta Locura

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