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Troy BattleRail Delta – Mid-Length

I am a big fan of FSB cutout rails like the FSP rails from Daniel Defense and the Troy BattleRail Delta. I have always wished that someone would bring out a mid-length version. Apparently Troy read my mind because the Mid-Length Delta BattleRail is now available.

The Delta BattleRails are unique among free float rails because they require ZERO modifications to the rifle to install. They can be installed without removing the front sight base, hand guard cap, and delta ring assembly.

If you prefer to have a fixed front sight base like me, but also like the slim, rail-free lightweight rails that are currently en vogue, you will probably love these rails. If you are issued a rifle that you cannot modify, this could be a great solution.

Check out TroyInd.com.


Troy/VTAC Delta Rail

The original Troy Industries Delta Rail is a great free float rail option for those of you who want an extended rail but are stuck with a fixed front sight base and carbine length gas system. It can even be installed without removing the muzzle device so it is perfect for those with permanently attached muzzle devices. Friend of JTT, Jon L, has one that he likes very much. I have been able to check it out in person and the way it attaches to your carbine with no modifications whatsoever is absolutely ingenious.

Now there is a new VTAC version of the Delta Rail that sports the recognizable elongated cooling holes for which the VTAC rails are known. It is available in black or FDE. You can check out the Troy/VTAC Delta Rail on VikingTactics.com or TroyInd.com.


Troy Ambi Magazine Release

Troy announced several AR-15 receiver enhancements earlier this year. One of those enhancements is their Ambidextrous Magazine Release which is now beginning to show up at online retailers.

It is basically a small button that levers against the receiver to drop the magazine. It is supposed to replicate the feel and location of the right side magazine release button as closely as possible. You can see in the picture below that it is sized in such a way that it should be relatively easy to hit without being prone to snagging. This looks like a worthy upgrade for lefties or for anyone who needs to be able to operate their weapon with either hand.

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Troy Battle Ax CQB Grip

There is certainly no shortage of options when it comes to grips for the AR-15. It takes a unique product to be able to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, the new Troy Battle Ax CQB Grip is definitely unique.

The Battle Ax CQB Grip has obviously been heavily influenced by the AK-47 grip. It is very short and angled in such a way that it drives your hand higher on the grip. This high hand grip can help you drive the gun and control recoil. Troy also thoughtfully included a tab that covers the gap under the trigger guard. This gap, if left uncovered, can abrade the users hand under prolonged use.

I am really intrigued by this grip.

The Troy Battle Ax CQB Grip is available now.

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Preview: Troy Battle Ax Stock

The stock you see in the above picture is the upcoming Troy Industries Battle Ax Stock. It may look a bit strange but it is was obviously designed for function, not form. It has some extremely fresh and innovative features that really set the Battle Ax apart from other stock systems on the market.

The most interesting feature to me is the storage. Even though this stock is very compact, it boasts a ton of storage space. The good folks over at Spartan Cops have confirmed that there is enough storage space to keep blowout kit items on board! These items would add very little weight. You would never have an excuse not to have life saving first aid items on your person again. The items you could carry are not limited to first aid kits. A cleaning kit, or at least some lube, would be another good choice.

Other features include a metal butt plate which should make this stock quite durable and provide some weight at the rear of the gun which many shooters like. There are QD sling swivel sockets in three locations. The length adjustment latch is low profile and located on the underside of the stock. The latch can be seen in the these pictures taken by Stickman in a post at GearScout. Shooters will also appreciate the broad, comfortable cheek weld. The “clubfoot” shape looks like it would work well as a hand hold when shooting from a bipod.

The Troy Battle Ax Stock is unique in looks and in features. It is on my wish-list.

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