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Tier1-D – Gear for Dads Like Me and You

Tier1-Dad (Tier1-D) is a brand for dads and kids of the tactical persuasion. Their military gear inspired bags, apparel, and swaddles (yes, swaddles) are more than just a little slick. In fact, their gear is so good it has me thinking about having another kid since my youngest is just out of the toddler phase now and doesn’t require a diaper bag.


Tier1-D is the creation of Jack Osbourne who happens to be a shooter and a geardo which really shows in the designs. All of their gear is made in the USA and their bags are sewn by a veteran owned manufacturer.

Their apparel line features incredibly clever toddler shirts and 0nesies with a chest rig graphic.


I would have gladly traded all our cutesy pink baby swaddles for just one of their Multicam Swaddles!


Tier1-D’s bag line is especially interesting. Sure, the bags are designed to serve as diaper bags, especially when used with the option 3 Pouch Insert for bottles, diapers, etc. However, they would also make great EDC/range/office/travel bags once the kids are out of diapers. They have versatile organization features like laser cut Hank MOLLE panels on the exterior and loop lined interiors.

tier1-dad-products001_48 tier1-dad-products001_26

There are tons of tactical lifestyle brands out there but few have pulled it off with the level of style and authenticity I see in Tier1-D. These aren’t novelty items. They are actually hard use gear items designed by someone with a good sense of style who obviously loves this stuff as much as I (and probably you) do.

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